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Grateful Dead file-swapping community

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Hello out there. Your friendly neighborhood mod started this community when she discovered there wasn't a Dead file-swapping community on LJ.

What we do here
Share any Dead media you want. Found a bootleg on the net you really like? With the magic of YouSendIt or any other such site, you can share it and post it here. The same goes for pictures, albums, favorite tracks, anything. Dead spinoff bands (i.e. Phil Lesh and Friends) are welcome as well.

What we do not do here
Hopefully anybody looking to join won't be a bitch to us here, but if you are, I won't hesitate to ban you. This community is about celebrating the Dead and deadheads, not being obnoxious.

To contact the mod with any questions, please feel free to contact: blueskies1028@yahoo.com or crosstowntraf1c on AIM.

Keep on Truckin'.

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