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flac files

hey there, i hope someone can help me out.
i know that the majority of us go to to download live shows from the dead and others,
but since they have changed all the files to flac, i have no idea how to listen/convert any of them to mp3.
can someone give me some instruction(s)?
thank you!! &hearts
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Mod speaking.

I'm thinking of doing an every-other-day thing where I'd say something along the lines of...

"What's your favorite live recorded song by the Dead?"

or some such thing, and then maybe you guys would upload yours through yousendit or megaupload and comment to that post, then the next day I'd download them all, and upload them and post them for you guys. Sound good? Any suggestions? Comment, email me or IM me with them. I really want this community to be great.

Help on the way/Slip Knot!

Let's get this community started off right!
What's your favorite Dead song, and do you have a favorite live performance of it?

I'm a big fan of Help on the way/Slip Knot! I am always searching for the ultimate live version of it, anyone have any good recommendations?
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